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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kennewick Man II: Anthropologist Argues That Corps of Engineers Acted Properly

In a Seattle Times opinion piece Dr. James Nason, a retired University of Washington anthropology professor and emeritus curator at the Burke Museum (where the original Kennewick Man is kept), argues that the Corps of Engineers is properly handling the recently found remains.

There are some very interesting comments at the end of the article.

Check it out at: Corps Acted Properly

(Rock art pictured is near Kennewick, WA).


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  1. I have followed the Ancient One/Kennewick Man story off and on since first researching for an assignment in a mediation class ( ), and appreciate discovering your site for your collection of resources.

    This article by Dr. Nason is particularly compelling for me because his arguments fall in line with my perspective. As you point out, the comments at the end provoke some thought.

    Yesterday I found a guest comment on a news article by a woman who argued that it is due to great strides forward by the State of Washington, having learned lessons from Ancient One/Kennewick Man, that resulted in such a smooth negotiation with the more recently discovered remains. Now of course I cannot track it down again, but I am curious to follow that idea as well.

    What have we learned? I hope there is an answer.