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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chinook Nation Progresses as Leaders Testify in Washington D.C.

July 15, 2009 may be recorded as one of the most important days in Chinook Indian Nation history.

The day that Chinook leaders testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources in Washington D.C. in a continuing effort to regain federal recognition. The Natural Resources Committee oversees Native American issues and will be influential in consideration of HR 3084, the Chinook Nation Restoration Act.

The 2,700 member tribe was represented by Council Chairman Ray Gardner (pictured here courtesy The Chinook Observer), Council Member and Hereditary Chief Phil Hawks and Council Member Sam Robinson. U.S. Representative Brian Baird (WA) also spoke in favor of the Chinook Nation.

The next step in the recognition process will occur about two weeks after the hearing when Rep. Baird plans to ask the committee to prepare the bill for consideration by the whole House of Representatives. A vote is said to be possible later this summer.

An excellent article on the hearings can be viewed at The Chinook Observer newspaper website.

Your support will be very influential to the success of the process. Please contact your senators and representatives and express support for HR 3084, The Chinook Nation Restoration Act. You can easily find and email your elected officials at Contacting Congress.

Video of Chairman Gardner testifying (click here)

Video of Representative Baird Speaking to Committee (click here)


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