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Friday, April 15, 2011

"Cave of Forgotten Dreams" Film Coming to Portland!

"Cave of Forgotten Dreams" the major international film on Chauvet Cave is coming to Portland's Cinema 21! The film is scheduled to open on Friday, May 6.

Nothing is certain yet, but I'm talking to the people at Cinema 21 about having a special showing for OAS members and guests. Stay tuned and we'll announce the event here if it comes together.

Following is some info and the trailer (previously published here)...

Werner Herzog's new film "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" is a stunning 3D documentary about the cave in France that is home to the world's oldest known human art. The film, which includes appearances by Dr. Jean Clottes, is scheduled to be released in March (and to open in Portland on May 6).

Read more at: Herzog Chauvet Interview

More about the film: Herzog website

...and here's the official movie trailer..

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  1. Just started to hear the buzz on this one. Looking forward to seeing it.