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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Passage to the Columbia II

Over the past few months the Washougal Pedestrian Tunnel has made tremendous progress toward becoming a reality.

Almost certainly the only pedestrian tunnel in the world filled with representations of Indian petroglyphs (let me know if you know of another one!), the image-filled passage is designed to re-connect Washougal with the river and to honor the native people who have lived in the region for eons.

As of late December the tunnel shaft has been cut all the way through Highway 14 and about half of the pre-formed sections have been installed.

The southern river side entrance is almost complete, opening into the riverfront Steamboat Park.

On December 29 Suzanne Bachelder, from the City of Washougal, and I visited the rock yard where the basalt slabs that will line the tunnel were cut and carved.

Each of the seven slabs is a 2000 pound, 3' x 6' work of art.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Great job! Am just wondering if there is going to be a key as to where the glyphs are from posted anywhere on the site?